1. 1. This product is for use only in Japan.
  2. 2. This product cannot be interrupted and cancelled during the service period. Once all services are opened for use, they must not be suspended. Please confirm the usage time and then open.
  3. 3. This product enjoys a hesitation period of seven days from the date of arrival, but the hesitation period is not a trial period. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a completely new package when returning, and check the purchase invoice to the original place of purchase. Once this product has been unpacked, no refund will be given. Please be sure to confirm before purchasing.
  4. 4. Please refer to the back of the product package for the expiration date of this product.

Internet card

  1. In order to avoid the automatic update backup of the mobile phone APP, the automatic upload and backup function of the cloud hard disk, the automatic operation of the social software and the download of the image, the speed measurement software and other system operations to consume your network usage, it is recommended to use the network card when surfing the Internet. The above functions. When free Wi-Fi is available, turn it back on.
  2. Three-in-one SIM card for all phone sizes.
  3. There is no daily traffic restriction. The detailed traffic calculation is based on the background data of the telecommunications company. After the amount is reduced, it will drop to 200Kbps.
  4. Please insert the SIM card into your mobile phone after you arrive in Japan to avoid the situation that it cannot be activated.
  5. This network card is calculated on a daily basis, and the first day of the day when the mobile phone is inserted into the SIM card.
    ※ Take the 6-day 3 GB plan as an example: It will be opened at 9:00 AM on July 15, 2018, Japan, and the service period will be 11:59 PM on July 20, 2018.
  6. Before purchasing, please confirm whether the mobile phone brand or model is applicable to the domo signal band. If the card cannot be used due to compatibility problems, please do not refund the fee. For details, please refer to the official website Q&A.
    4G LTE Band 1
    Band 19
    Band 21
    Band 28
    Band 3
    3G Band 1
  7. System maintenance is implemented every Tuesday from 22:00 to Wednesday at 09:00, during which time the network card cannot be opened, but the network card that has been activated is not affected.
  8. The actual signal and connection speed will be affected by factors such as region, terrain, climate, building obscuration, number of users, network system or terminal equipment. If the local or mobile phone cannot support 4G network, it will automatically switch to 3G. Signal.
  9. Please abide by the principle of fair use of network communication: In order to maintain the quality of network connection and fair use principles, telecommunications companies around the world sometimes conduct traffic control for customers who use very large network traffic in a short period of time, which may result in failure to access the Internet or Internet speed is slower.
  10. In order to avoid the violation of Japan's fair use principle, the network is limited to speed, if you need to use a large traffic network, such as live broadcast or live broadcast, upload video, high-traffic download behavior, watch online movies, play online games & hellip; Wait, it is recommended to do it in a Wi-Fi environment. It is also recommended to turn off the automatic update function, automatic backup upload function, community software auto play function, satellite map navigation mode (can use general mode navigation), cloud hard drive transfer data function.
  11. This product only provides Internet access and does not provide telephone voice and SMS services.

The Company reserves the right to add, modify, interpret or delete all or one of the services provided in the future without prior notice. Please refer to the latest announcement on the product page.

If the user of this product violates the local laws of Taiwan or Japan, or violates the terms of any of the instructions for use, the company reserves the right to cancel or stop the user's eligibility or limit at any time without notice, in order to protect the rights of all users. Therefore, compensation or compensation is required; if the violation is serious or involves legal concerns, the company has the right to be referred to the competent authority or the judicial authority; the user agrees with the company whether the user's behavior complies with the provisions of this article, and whether it must be adopted. In response to the measures, the right to make discretionary decisions based on the circumstances of the violation.