MikroTik is a world-renowned Internet company based in Latvia, Latvia, Europe. Its products include routers and related network equipment. The biggest advantage of the company's products is that it can purchase high-end routers at a very affordable price, and its powerful and even surpassing the market. The features that expensive routers can achieve.

Founded in 1995, MikroTik's main product, RouterOS, is a Linux-based operating system that can be installed on a RouterBoard router from MikroTik or installed on a standard x86 platform. It has many features, including a firewall, virtual private Very useful routing switch functions such as network (VPN), bandwidth management (QoS), and port Mirroring.


Lease options

Many of MikroTik's products are leased, and if you have other needs, you can contact us for details.

MikroTik Switch CRS226


MikroTik Router CCR1036