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Standard cabinet

  • Set the standard cabinet inside
    • 4x8 hole source plug-in
    • Cat6 specification network 埠
    • 220V UPS power supply
    • Auxiliary cooling fan
  • The cable is placed in the steel trunking above the cabinet, which is beautiful, safe and strong
  • The height of the raised floor is 50cm, which can bear 500kg

Power Supply System

  • Set two sets of uninterruptible power system (UPS), a total of 800KVA parallel operation
  • Provide AC 220V power
  • Provide power source immediately during power outage, and supply power for one hour when fully loaded
  • Two emergency generators (N+1)
  • 900KW available
  • Automatically start loading within five minutes of power outage

Air Conditioning System

  • Plowing a blown central air conditioning system
  • Box air conditioner or ice water host supply
  • Provide N+1 mechanism

Fire System

  • very early fire warning system
  • FM-200 automatic fire extinguishing system

Environmental Monitoring System

  • Multi-function camera 24/7 surveillance video
  • The hot and cold channel is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, and the temperature change at any time is recorded in the computer system.
  • 24-hour temperature and humidity detection, display and alarm to maintain constant temperature and constant humidity.

CCTV system

  • IDC import and export and internal key points have a 24-hour video surveillance system
  • Monitoring system image data can be stored for 6 months

East Six-Access Control System

Multi-layer control: (computer system records entry and exit personnel and time)
  • First: guards on the first floor of the East Sixth Communications Computer Building Building
  • Second Road: The certification room on the fourth floor of the East Sixth Communication Room is exchanged for magnetic cards
  • Third: Magnetic card control room access (enter the customer lounge area)
  • Fourth: Magnetic card control room access (into the computer room area)
  • Fifth: Information cabinet door lock management and control

Xinzhuang - Access Control System Control

  • Providing five access control: building guard access control, IDC building access control, IDC room access control (three controls).
  • Twenty-four-hour security guards will control the entrance and exit of the park's gates. When the on-site maintenance of the engine room is required, the gates must be registered at the gate. After the guest card is replaced, the park and the building can be released.
  • IDC's main entrance and exit is equipped with a card reader and fingerprint reader, and the on-duty personnel control the access control.
  • The 24-hour computer room is on duty (as needed). The personnel go to the equipment room for environmental access and environmental monitoring and patrol. The security personnel regularly patrol the entire building.
  • Access control entry and exit (log), reserved for 12 months.

Jiantan-Control of Access Control System

Multi-layer control: (computer system records entry and exit personnel and time)
  • First: Building Guard
  • Second: IC card developed by the Institute of Telecommunications, recognized by authorized employees
  • Third Road: ICC Identification Card for IDC Computer Room
  • Fourth: Adopt advanced password plus fingerprint identification system

Traffic monitoring

  • Day (the first 24 hours) chart: (average every 5 minutes)
  • Weekly Chart: >
  • Monthly Chart:
  • Year Statistics: